matt-frame-samplePrint Auction

All from the exhibition were auctioned on eBay to benefit the charity Art Against Knives. During my time spent on this project, I visited a lot of disadvantaged areas of London. I heard about Art Against Knives and the work they do encouraging inner city youths to take up the arts instead of crime. I felt that this charity was a perfect match for this project, and I was pleased to donate 50% of all sales to this excellent cause.

We raised over £260 for this charity, thanks to the kind eBay bidders out there. I am so happy to have been able to help support this cause.

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How can I buy a print now that the auction has finished?

Although my intention was to find a good home for all the prints from the exhibition, and raise some money for charity at Christmas time, I may consider doing another print run and/or offering individual prints for sale at a later date. Contact me to express your interest and I will let you know if other prints become available in future.