Month 4: Sands End

Yay! My coin has landed on a part of the Thames. I was hoping this would happen. The river is such an important part of the city, I would feel that this project was missing something if there were no shots that include the Thames. Although it’s not the Southbank, Westminster or other more famous parts, I was looking forward to hanging out by the river with my camera.

I think I spoke too soon. The temperature on the day was an icy cold 2 degrees C, overcast and windy, so even with thermals and a ski jacket, I was cold pretty much as soon as I got off the train at Wandsworth. Walking across a blustery Wandsworth Bridge, I stopped to take a photo of the rust with some shiny new buildings in the background, and I noticed a set of lost keys that had been placed on the bridge railing. They must have been there for ages, as they were rusty, too. I wondered what they could unlock, and who had lost them.

Old Fulham Power Station
Old Fulham Power Station

Once across the bridge I found myself in a part of London called Sands End. Quite a lot of my coin space turned out to be occupied by commercial properties such as PC World and furniture shops, so I headed along the river itself to see what I could find. Not a lot, aside from the back of PC World, and a paved path with a few benches. So I then decided to try my luck at the warehouse on the map on the other side of the bridge. Well, there was no warehouse; in its place was a Sainsbury’s and a building site with the promise of luxury flats coming soon. Typical for London these days. I carried on to the edge of my circle and happened across an old abandoned electricity building, with a symmetrical, rhythmic wall. According to Google, it was the Fulham Power Station building, built in 1901 (and decommissioned in 1978 due to asbestos). I waited for someone to walk in front and snapped a few shots here. I then headed north into the residential area. Aside from the usual terraced houses, I soon approached a tower block which had some decorative concrete along the base. It was so tall it made for a great shot looking up the back, with steam billowing out as all those boilers in the flats kept their residents toasty warm. It wasn’t long before the cold got the better of me and I had to seek the refuge of a hot chocolate and open fire in a nearby pub.

As evening crept in, I took out my travel tripod and headed out to grab a few more shots on the bridge, capturing some nice light trails before my fingers froze and I headed home to defrost.

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